Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hair cutting cape

One of the first traumatic moments of our marriage occurred about 6 weeks after we had been married. Ryan asked me to cut his hair. I had never used clippers, I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't attempt it again for several years.

Ryan asked me to make him a hair cutting cape. But he wanted it out of "slippery" fabric. I had made one when I was younger as a gift for my father, but it was cotton fabric.

However nervous I was, it was a great excuse to drag Ryan to Joann's as we looked for suitable fabric. This process of looking for the perfect fabric took several months. One day after a shopping trip on my own to Joann's, I came home with the perfect fabric.

Slippery spiderman fabric. I made many phone calls to Mom asking for instructions and advice on what to do. My plan was to use a rolled hem around the edge. However, the "slippery" fabric didn't take to a rolled hem.

I was stuck. I finally gave in and finished the entire thing with bias tape. When Ryan opened it Christmas morning (no surprise this year), our brother-in-law Luke exclaimed "I want one of those"! (One year later, Luke received his own slippery spiderman hair cutting cape.)

Josh, our nephew, wouldn't get his hair cut without the spiderman cape.