Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yoda blankie

Every year I make Ryan a homemade gift. I love coming up with an idea and then usually I can surprise him. I had bought this fabric a year before for another purpose. But when the next year came around, I set to work.

It was really hard to find a time to cut the fabric when he would be gone for at least 4 hours. He had tickets to go to a BYU football game at UCLA (i think) on a Saturday. So I spread out the fleece and began cutting. It took forever. Fleece stretches so much and can change shape. The front side is the Yoda fleece and the back is black fleece. Each of the sides had to be cut at 1/2 intervals and then the black fringe is tied to the Yoda fringe. I managed to get it cut and cleaned up before he got home.

I spent the next few weeks at work during lunch tying together the fleece during my lunch break. It was well worth it. He was extremely surprised on Christmas day and loves his Yoda blankie.

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