Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Graduation announcements

Ryan and I both were graduating on the same day. I wanted to send out announcements, but our poor college budget couldn't handle the insanely ridiculous price for official ones. And we wanted both of our names to be on the same announcement. My creative brain started coming up with ideas. And we decided to make our own.

First we drove to about 10 different scrapbook stores looking for the right color of purple. So many shades of purple and I was simply not going to settle for a nasty purple. We bought some official stickers from the bookstore and we set about making announcements.

Ryan decided he wanted to make one as well. I was surprised, but I wasn't going to complain. This is the announcement I created. I found the perfect matching purple ribbon for $1. I know it looks like a wedding announcement a bit, but I liked it. It is probably not noticeable in the picture, but I used a vellum overlay with the print on the white card stock below and the sticker/seal on the vellum.

And here is the one Ryan created. He went hi-tech and downloaded an image of the Campus and printed it on the announcement.

We ended up sending out some of both announcements to our families. It was a fun way to end our college careers together.

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