Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree Skirt

I finally finished quilting my tree skirt that I first started in 2001. Yes, 8 years ago. I bought the fabric at an after Christmas clearance sale. I bought a few more fabrics in the ensuing 6 years. I bought enough fabric that I decided to make it a reversible tree skirt. Then my sister Erin also wanted to make one so we decided that we would finish them during that holiday season (2006). We would talk each Sunday to discuss our progress and we would be held accountable to accomplish this task. I spent hours and hours laying it out going for that random, but coordinated look. I pieced together each side although one side required a lot more piecing.

Two years later, I unboxed it and decided to finish it. I stitched along the major seam lines with creme colored cotton crosheen. It turned out pretty cute and I even put it on and spun around just like we used to do when we were little.

I am about out of projects that I've started and never completed. I mean I have boxes of projects that I've never started, but my 1/2 finished projects are almost completely finished.

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