Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Blankets galore

My sewing machine was in the repair shop again. It turns out, they didn't fix the real problem last time it was there just two weeks ago.

So in order to keep up on my goal of 1 project every 6 days, I had to find projects that didn't require a machine. I dug through boxes and decided to use my fabulous quilting frames that my Padre made for me for Christmas. I have an addiction to making anything baby related. I know, i don't have children (why won't my body cooperate?) But I can't help falling in love with baby fabric each time I go in a store.

I tied four of the baby quilts in two nights and then started quilting the other two. I love quilting using cotton crosheen. It goes so much faster and I love the look of it. I got my machine back and was able to finish the edges of the quilts. My hermana came for a visit and fell in love with a couple of them. I snuck one of them to the car for her to find when she got home from her visit.

For Mother's Day when we were in Provo, Ryan bought me the Zoo fabric. This was when we first decided it was time to start a family and I had no idea that 9 years later, I would still not have any kiddos.

After this quilt was finished, I fell in love with it even more. It now resides in the box labeled "Our Baby Box". One day I hope to have a reason to open this box.

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