Monday, March 30, 2009

Harry Potter scarf

Ryan rarely asks me to make things. So when I asked me to make a Harry Potter scarf, I had to say yes. Well, I wanted to say yes, but I was a little bit overwhelmed. I don't really knit and I have only ever in my life knitted one thing. Dishcloths. The same thing over and over again.

I searched the Internet and found a pattern and instructions I liked. I had my craft friend, Joan, help me start.

I had never used a circular needle and I had never switched yarn in the middle of project before. She helped me get started and I set off. I worked on it every day at lunch and at night. By the time Christmas came, Ryan opened up about 40 rows of knitting and a skein of yarn. I vowed I would finish it in January. Well, things happen and I almost finished it. We moved and moved again. I finished the scarf in June 2008...18 months after I started it. Then we moved a few weeks later and the scarf was lost. I was devastated. I was not looking forward to making him another one.

I opened up a suitcase to pack for a trip and there it lay...the Harry Potter scarf I had worked so hard on. Ryan was ecstatic! And I was relieved.

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