Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blanket-a-thon 2009 Part II

This one now one of my favorite baby quilts ever. Ryan bought this fabric for me when we were living in Provo when we first were hoping we were pregnant (8 years ago). I must have commented once while we were in a store that I liked it, because he bought the panel for me a while later for my birthday. I put it away in box and kind of forgot about. In my continued effot to finish 1 project every 6 days, I dug it out and fell in love with the panel and immediately had ideas on how to finish it. I quilted it with cotton crosheen in a variegated orange around some animals and around others I used blue. I loved how it turned out. Definitely a keeper!

I love Strawberry Shortcake (the old one) and when I found this fabric a few years ago, I couldn't pass up. Besides, one can never have too many baby quilts right? Although with no kids, it makes a little less sense to have so many...
I found this panel on clearance a few years ago while shopping and fell in love with it. So simple and girly. And so far, most of the stuff I made was boy stuff (I just didn't find girl fabric I liked as much).
I quilted it with pink cotton crosheen and then used some pink satin binding I picked up for free somewhere. The next step caused me grief and pain. I sewed one edge of the satin binding down and then proceeded to pin the other edge down so I could hand stitch around the rest of the quilt. Oh how I regretted the decision to use that satin binding. I took it to work to hand stitch on my lunch break. The first day I only got about 6 inches done. I was frustrated. this was going to take forever. After a few more days, I got the hang of it and managed to finish it quicker than I thought. I'm not sure if I'll ever use satin binding again. Once might just be enough.
I picked this panel up at a clearance table back in Provo. But there was only 2/3 of a yard and not enough to make quilt. I cut some strips to put at the top to enlarge it to a yard and then turn it into a baby quilt.
I picked this panel up the same time as the previous one. It is a cute rag doll pattern. I tied this one with cotton crosheen as well (can you see my pattern for quilting and tying with cotton crosheen?) I wish I could keep them all!

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