Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Erin's scrappy quilt gifted to Alisa

I haven't posted on here in a while. It was all about keeping the secrets at Christmas. I made several presents for my sisters in November and December, but I couldn't post them here just in case they happened to look here. I'll post those projects soon, but my sister Erin just sent me a picture of the scrap quilt she made. Another sister, Alisa, saw her making it and begged her to give it to her. Then she begged to borrow it "one day". They she flat out asked to borrow it. Still the answer was no. Then on Christmas morning she opened up her gift and got her wish. The scrap quilt was hers to keep! (or that's the story I was told)
Erin with the pieced front of the scrappy quilt.

The back of the scrappy quilt

Erin used upholstery fabric scraps that she picked up from somewhere (thrift store maybe?). I'm just in love with scrappy quilts lately. Now she needs to make another one for her to keep. But if she does, maybe I'll ask for that one.

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