Monday, September 14, 2009

Levi Quilt

When I was about 12, my madre helped me make a levi quilt. I still have that levi quilt today and more amazing, I still use it. It is like a right of passage in my family. All of my sisters also made a levi quilt. It's just something we had to do. So several years ago my madre gifted me some supplies. She had already cut out enough 6 inch squares to make a quilt, then she decided she didn't really need another levi quilt. Lucky me - I got out of a lot of the hard work.

I really wanted to make this for my brother-in-law's family. He and his wife have 5 adorable girls so it was only appropriate to find some cute girl flannel for the back. Then I found the perfect flannel with a rainbow of pastel colors, but it all stayed boxed up for a couple of years. But I finally broke it out this summer and started on it. I got the denim part sewed all together and ready for the girls to help me tie it.

Laying it all out
Denim part on the quilt frames with Tessa hiding beneath

With the flannel on top ready to be tied

The four center squares have pockets from a pair of my old jeans and from a pair of my hubby's.

Finished product :)

The girls helped me get it on the frames and then they helped me tied it as well. I finished binding it just in time for it to go in their suitcase for the trip back east. I loved how it turned out. I still have enough squares for one more quilt. Now I'm looking for some more cute backing for another quilt for another sister-in-law and her cute family.

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Care said...

I love it! There really isn't anything quite like a denim quilt!!