Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raggedy Ann and Andy

I love Raggedy Ann and Andy. Several years ago they made a comeback in popularity and there was a plethora of cute fabric to buy. I bought up as much as I could find with future plans of a Raggedy Ann and Andy nursery. But as time went on, I found other fabric for a nursery and then another idea as well.

My sister decided she wanted a Raggedy Ann and Andy nursery. Now I could put my boxes of fabric to good use for her.

I made these Raggedy dolls for her birthday. It was a pretty simple kit. I bought the panels for the bodies and the panels for the clothing. Everything was pre-printed so I just cut and sewed.

The best part is I made a set for me and a set for her. Everybody needs a set of Raggedy dolls.

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Care said...

So cute! Raggedy Ann and Andy will never go out of style!